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This Delicious Chocolate is Made Directly with Farmers in West Africa

Delicious chocolate - 100% grown, crafted and packaged from bean to bar in West Africa.

Make a feel good choice from a range of rich and natural chocolate flavors that directly contribute to small holder farmers & the local West African economy. It’s the sweetest and most convenient way to make an impact.  

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Make an Impact While Eating Chocolate

Our mission is simple: to make exceptional chocolate for you, that also benefits the greater good. Here’s how: 

Enjoy Tasty Food

You can still indulge. Enjoy each stress relieving bar to help fuel your body and mind.

Help Create Jobs and Opportunities in West Africa

The entire value creation is in West Africa. That means more local jobs, increased income and in turn access to education and health care. 

Feel Good and Energized 

You've just done a good deed. Bask in it! 

Chocolate That's Better Than Anything at Your Local Grocery Store

1. Fair and Direct Trade

Direct Trade

We honor farmers as experts and craftsmen, and work with them directly as partners.

Cruelty Free

Farmers agree to healthful and responsible cultivation methods and ethical business practices. 

2. Better Quality Chocolate 

No Artificial Ingredients

Most mass market chocolate bars are filled with junk. Not ours. Craft chocolate has no fillers, no chemicals, no soy and no gluten.

Vegan Flavors

All the taste, benefits and high quality ingredients without any dairy.

3. Better for You


All chocolate isn't made equal. Craft chocolate contains more cocoa, thus beneficial antioxidants & flavanols.

Overall Positive Effects

Most important? Good chocolate makes us happy.
Choose From Four Incredible Chocolate Flavors

70% Classic Dark Chocolate

 Treat yourself to the guilty free "me" moment you deserve with our classic dark chocolate. 

45% Classic Milk Chocolate

 The ultimate chocolatey snack reminiscent of childhood. An unexpected total taste bud mastery!

45% Ginger Plantain Crunch

Warming ginger, with our creamy milk chocolate, toped with an irresistible plantain chip crunch.

50% Spicy Suya

A fiery blend of ground dried chiles, ginger and peanuts makes for the perfect mix of sweet and spicy. 
Customers Love Our Chocolate Bars
"After learning Luji’s mission of supporting chocolate farmers ... I can eat this chocolate, guilt free! " - Lin C.
"The chocolates took me on a complete journey.... It was not overbearing, just a well-curated spice that left as soon as it came but remained memorable." - Joy F.
"One of the most unique and delicious chocolates out there. It’s become one of my favorite chocolates and it will be my go-to gift for a chocolate lover. " - Daniil F.
Be Part of a Chocolate Revolution

Over 70% of the world's cocoa, the main ingredient in chocolate, comes from West Africa; but, the region produces less than 1% of the world’s chocolate and cocoa farmers earn less than $1/day. We are on a mission to change that. 

We believe that big change starts small. As small as in bringing your reusable tote to the grocery store, getting your coffee refilled in a thermos, and choosing to buy chocolate made 100% where the cocoa is produced. These small choices add up, and we’re here to celebrate each and every one of them. 

Each Luji's bar has a direct social impact.  Come join us in this chocolate revolution!

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